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S&OP Execution Repository

S&OP Supply Chain Execution Repository

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The patented Planning Service Repository provides full lifecycle management for your past, existing, and future plans. Once the combined external and internal data feeds are staged, cleansed, and posted to the planning environment at the beginning of each weekly planning cycle, the planners
can then create a plan to begin the process. The newly created plan will be delivered to the user’s desktop as a populated Excel workbook that may then be used offline to plan for the specified item families. The planner may make any number of local modifications to the plan without interaction with the planning services

The planning services repository allows for the storing, viewing, and aggregation of supply chain data in any way to support internal or outsourced operations. This patented capability is not available from any other supply chain supplier… our approach to support asynchronous planning across a company and a companies entire supply chain ecosystem but yet reconcile the plans automatically to net S&OP is truly unique. It provides for enabling people to do their jobs faster, with freedom to add incite and capabilities not achieved with black box algorithm or tightly coupled synchronous ERP one size fits all approaches. Call us, challenge us you will gain huge rewards from using this approach

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