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White paper  describing  DCRA Inc. Patented real time S&OP  Order Commitment
DCRA realtime S&OP Assembly Coordination engine over internet using patented Order Commitment engine
White paper How to out maneuver Amazon and leverage your companies unique expertise with DCRA’s
S&OP Assembly Coordination The Death of traditional Retail and Why DCRA’s Assembly
Coordination can provide your business competitive advantage

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NEW see October 2012 SupplyChainBrain transcript interview with DCRA on “Secret Sauce of S&OP”

S&OP Knowledgebase sponsored by DCRA Inc. and the LCC.  Established in 2004 in conjunction with State of Texas Industry Cluster Initiative.  Now maintained as public service by DCRA Inc.ttp:// for outstanding free and low cost options to encourage and promove education in S&OP. DCRA has started a BLOG to share real time S&OP projects

Contact us for function specific supply chain research:
  • Internet based Order Promising
  • Internet of Things / Enterprise of Things Inventory Management solutions
  • Planning enabled with dyanamic Transportation lead time
  • Real world solutions for Sales and Operation Planning .  Getting it done, deployed and generating real world benefits !


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