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Total Order Fulfillment™ Service Offerings from DCRA:

DCRA provides a complete life cycle of capabilities from industry strategy to logistics and supply chain execution assistance. DCRA specializes in creating detailed inventory policies and network design, sales and operations planning processes, order commitment promising, and selecting the right outsourcing and supply chain information technology enablers. Our unique ability to span the traditional silos of service offerings saves you money, creates value fast, and drives competitive differentiation for you business.

Here are a few of the traditional services DCRA provides. See our Solutions section as DCRA also provides a series of web service Supply Chain enablers to allow you and your team to obtain value fast, drive the required change, analyze capabilities and communicate effectively upstream and downstream in your supply network.

Diagnostics Services

  • Full diagnostic services for operational supply chain and order fulfillment services
  • Network inventory optimization

Strategy Services

  • Supply chain and logistics support for business strategy
  • IT strategy to support supply chain strategy diagnostics
  • Supply Chain technology vendor management strategies

Supply Chain Execution Services

  • RFP development and management of outsourcing design and selection
  • Fulfillment technology solution development
  • Multi-carrier logistics visibility, tracking and fulfillment solution design and deployment

Logistics and Manufacturing Outsource Selection Processes

  • Independent Analysis of logistics partners
  • IoT development and management of bid process
  • Information technologies to enable outsourced business models
  • Analysis of outsourcing process design
  • Liking your S&OP process to outsource attainment

Sales and Operations Planning

  • Sales and Operations Planning operations and technology
  • Patented real-time S&OP solutions including real-time assembly, Order Commitment and numerous other solutions
  • Design of Outsourcing partner attainment performance management solutions

Supply Chain Technology Services

  • Supply chain technology audit
  • IT Strategy
  • Advisor services on software solutions
  • Web Service and XML collaboration design build advisor services
  • DCRA also provides unique consulting technology products (e.g.):
    • Collaborative technologies to support supply chain messaging
    • XML search and query of diverse logistics and inventory events to achieve order commitment
  • Time phased netting of distribution, master planning and Sales and Operations Planning
  • J2EE and .Net distributed computing development services for supply chain solutions

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