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Order Commitment Solution

Order Commitment Solution

Order Commitment Solution – Patented REAL TIME S&OP … 2010 Release

The patented DCRA Order Commitment Solution (real time S&OP)  provides tremendous cycle time reduction in knowing and managing supply chain data.  In the evolving world of Blockchain nothing can compare to Order Commitment (real time S&OP) ability to view, sense, respond and commit incremental orders across a decentralized supply chain.   It also can be tuned to provide specific role based order and inventory promising views. Typical
customers with significant multi-site operations and outsourced relationships can see information access reduced from weeks to seconds
for key customer commitments. Others have found the Order Commitment Solution the perfect tool to leverage and sell inbound and supplier investments in inventory without taking ownership of the saleable goods. This solution is truly revolutionary and works more like Google and NOT like stovepiped traditional ERP, APS technologies.

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