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S&OP Distributed Planning Templates

S&OP Distributed Planning Templates

S&OP Distributed Master Planning Templates

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The DCRA Inc. patented S&OP planning templates (Master planning, distribution planning, S&OP, demand planning etc.) are a revolutionary method to perform sophisticated planning while requiring minimal training and the ease of use of a spreadsheet. These templates are checked out from the S&OP Planning Services Repository and downloaded to the user’s desktop. They leverage an Excel spreadsheet front end that are controlled with backend, sophisticated in-memory time phased netting algorithms normally only found in high end advanced planning solutions. Your planners will love these solutions as they are easy to use, fast, and they work with Excel spreadsheets. The planner can run many iterations of the plan on his / her desktop and then check it back into the repository for the entire organization / supply chain eco-system to use. The planner can also save the plans into new spreadsheet names and create new templates that DCRA or your administrator can use to create new planning role based templates.

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