Why S&OP Planning is a Solution not “Software”

Lora Cecera Forbes Article why JDA (old i2 and Manugistics) and SAP supply chain software not used. Lora talks about 9 recent large clients with large investments in JDA and SAP don’t use and plan in spreadsheets ? My experience for decades is nearly every planner prefers a spreadsheet working surface vs. some contrived unique user interface ?


This is why DCRA Inc. built cool distributed, scalable, agile S&OP solution that uses a real Excel spreadsheet as working surface but with big data back end for synchronizing and analyzing extended enterprise. First did this in 2001 ! All the benefits of loosely coupled analysis s to save off a spreadsheet and modify a will and back in coordination of execution data into plan as well as version of plans

Something to think about… at least maybe confirmation that S&OP NOT an IT application but a solution that requires the RIGHT IT to scale and provide business advantage ?


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