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Total Order Fulfillment

Total Order Fulfillment™
for the decentralized, distributed Outsourced Supply Chain

This suite of decentralized S&OP and supply chain execution data management is uniquely blockchain enabled to provide elegant scale and leverage

DCRA provides a complete life cycle of capabilities through our Total Order Fulfillment™ methodology from industry strategy to logistics and supply chain execution assistance. We specialize in creating detailed inventory policies and network design, sales and operations planning processes, order commitment promising, and selecting the right outsourcing and supply chain information technology enablers. Our unique ability to span the traditional silos of service offerings saves you money, creates value fast, and drives competitive differentiation for you business.

Through our Total Order Fulfillment methodology, we have worked with numerous clients to develop a unique set of solutions to assist our clients in deploying supply chain solutions rapidly and effectively. These web service solution components are targeted to strategically enable information sharing, planning, and execution within outsourced manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment environments.

The DCRA Total Order Fulfillment methodology, is a carefully crafted approach that leverages the best of traditional supply chain consulting with rapid outsourcing, web service planning and execution software technology enablers to deliver strategic value rapidly. The key elements of the success include the ability to clearly communicate to all levels of your firm the importance and the core concepts while avoiding “buzz terms” and extraneous messaging that are so often found in today’s supply chain solution marketplace. DCRA also uses the TOF™ solutions to rapidly accelerate the top down and bottom up impact of supply chain success. The DCRA solutions provide patented enabling technology that build bridges between internal and external assets as well as tools and technologies to assist in attainment management of outsourced partners (e.g. logistics and manufacturing, procurement etc.). DCRA can rapidly leverage the assets you have without stepping backwards for “redos” on IT implementations or “analysis paralysis consulting efforts”
In a recent DCRA deployment with a large, global hi-tech manufacturer, we were able to achieve dramatic results from the Total Order Fulfillment Program.

Results included:

  • Restructured their entire outsourced logistics and manufacturing around variable cost and throughput
  • Increased from unprofitable 5 inventory turns to 50 turns in less than 12 months
  • Reduced working capital required to less than 3% of sales
  • Turned unprofitable into profitable
  • Achieved customer lock-in with large telecom customers
  • Made dramatic bottom-up and top down cultural improvements around supply chain

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