Who You Gonna Call ? Weekly posts on “S&OP” the RIGHT way

Who You Gonna Call ?  Weekly posts on S&OP the RIGHT way

Now that it appears there is a “Perfect Storm” forming for the education, use and value from S&OP “Who you gonna call ? ” to us the famous Ghost Busters tagline .    After 2 failed attempts to make S&OP a “add on”  ERP application SAP now pushing S&OP… but do they have your interests at heart or just interest in keeping you inside the castle walls ?   S&OP is a better more inclusive economic model then “Enterprise Resource Planning”  ERP.   In fact S&OP as DCRA Inc. has designed and patented is the outsourced external enterprise economic model.  Can and ERP vendor whose livelyhood is pushing the ERP financial “castlewalls” approach every be the right suppler for an extended enterprise S&OP model ?  Don’t think so !

Every software company that ever existed that pushed an over complicated deep dive application from forecasting, to APS, to “visibility”, to fast response management MRP claims to be an S&OP expert

Over the next few weeks DCRA Inc. will layout for you the decision maker why we settled in on a software enabler for S&OP 2 decades ago and released what is arguably the first commercially available S&OP solution in 2002.  We only released the solution after joint developing it in the line of fire with live clients doing BUSINESS turnarounds with fast and large financial results.   We did not have in our “minds eye” some phraseology handed down by an analyst and that we could re-market some tool already in the drawer.

We also build a business model aligned with your interest on SOLUTIONS.  Not software, not Clouds of software, not checklists that you must follow but a synchronized proven approach where we get paid when you get value.

If you turn to a cloud software company focused exclusively on S&OP they invariably want to sell you that you “know nothing” that they know all about S&OP and you must follow their structured S&OP software app.  The reality is S&OP is NOT a software app but something YOU do today.  You don’t need  a cloud software product you need enablers injected into your current extended enterprise S&OP process that save time, increase trust, allow for faster What If analytics and collaboration back into the people and IT workflow you NOW have.      You don’t need wholesale change you need enablers to your process.   After all it is your business right… and now that you have started to read this BLOG and
you are starting to see S&OP is your business.  It is not a software app but an alternative cashflow and working capital forward looking measurement system for you business to run your business not historical ERP accounting.

Furthermore, now that you see this why would you ever trust to put YOUR business in some VC backed IT companies hands with a que on software releases you need.    Fine to test, fine to try new ideas but GOTTA have the ability to drop the solution behind your firewall and CONTROL it and keep it confidential on your terms.     DCRA gives you software, solutions services, cloud if you want even an appliance you can just drop in behind your firewall.   We even give you source code if you want so you can optimize YOUR business not be beholding to VC software guys with development teams in India, China, Russia… or the trends is this month ?

We even believed in the technology enablers so much (but not in a software business model) that we then went on to generate what is arguably the only patents on S&OP in a real -time version to enable the S&OP logic to be available to a broad user base of the business.  We would argue the absolute best S&OP software that enables your process and workflow by taking out time, overriding, while improving communication and collaboration.

As you can read in this Blog or at our sopbook.com site we trademarked a business value methodology we call Total Order Fulfillment that we guarantee we can generate large financial returns before you purchase any tools to support.  Our work never is about S&OP it is about business value, customer service, scaling attractive outsourced business models.  However, what we show our clients is once some these value propositions become to come in focus it is the introduction of an S&OP philosophy and tools that will enable the value to stay, recur, scale and grow.  Without S&OP the value often goes away as the overriding of plans, expediting of late orders, the wasted touches and duplicate work settles back in

So “Who You Gonna Call” ?

Just in case you are wise and see through the “clouds” and charades of vendors  with hammers looking for nails our number 214 352 0868 or info@dcrasolutions.com

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