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In 2003 DCRA Inc. was asked by several TX and national government agencies to offer philanthropic time to use our unique expertise in S&OP and supply chain design and operations to help create US jobs.   It became quite an interesting experience in learning out the North TX council of government’s workforce board, TX Governor Perry’s Industry Cluster effort, Texas Emerging Technology Fund, TX manufacturing assistance centers, US Department of Commerce, US DOC WIRED grans, US Department of Labor and many others interact.

All in all a very revealing exercise in how much good and value applying government encouragement, strategy, design and policy using S&OP principles could impact US competitiveness and labor force improvements.

Some example of key recommendations and designs we made that became government policy

– TX Industry Cluster Advanced Manufacturing group adopted our recommendations to encourage and promote postponed manufacturing in the state of Texas of Asian imports for distribution in North and South America

– Efforts in TX Industry Cluster were key to TX legislature approving the Governor’s Emerging Technology Fund

– Our efforts led to a grant and $ allocated by the TX manufacturing assistance center.  In this effort we created and populated a knowledgebase to help TX / US manufacturers and distributors be more competitive.

As experience teaches us when many get involved things can get diluted or mis-directed.  For this reason we kept the IP and resources for this Knowledgebase under our control but offered it free to any government workforce board group.

We still support this knowledgebase
 or www. Texaslcc.org and is filled with 10 years of case studies, methodologies, tips, techniques etc. of how to get and S&OP effort and strategies for global competitiveness adopted in your firm.   It is based on our Total Order Fulfillment Methodology and content is organized by role, function and just Google like searches… try it


We plan on significantly expanding its concepts with our patented S&OP and Order Commitment patented software to help all manufacturers and distributors create true competitive advantage

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