Cashchain using S&OP as and investment theme – Tesla and shareholder value

We at “Cashchain” have been following Tesla’s journey for several months / years now. We have read numerous opinions on viability of Tesla product and even more discussion of valuation of stock price and opinions are strong on both ends of the balance beam.

We feel what will ultimately trip up Tesla and Musk is that they are to much more oriented about being “right” that laptop originated lithium Ion batteries are a solution for many problems rather then creating shareholder equity. Instead we believe Tesla should focus on shareholder equity, optimal use of working capital and products to create cashflow to fund their “vision” of the future vs. taxpayer subsidies ?

We believe there will be several new innovations in BEV propulsion that will obsolete Tesla’s current bet on Lithium batteries based on review of flow batteries, fuel cell innovations, use of natural gas etc that would allow refilling / recharge in roughly same use case of an IC vehicle (4 minutes or less). We feel this is a critical benchmark to watch do you ?

However, what we are certain of IF Musk and Tesla really had shareholders interest in mind they would create MANY products to push through their build to order supply chain that create CASHFLOW to fund their vision. It is Tesla’s build to order supply chain model WE think is actually Tesla’s biggest innovation and one other US manufacturers should leverage.

Here is an example (Ford electric bike that goes 20 miles and 20mph on a charge) that would have been a great product we would have recommended to Musk ! Start beleiving in in BEV propulsion at a small investment vs. a $100K investment ?

This seems like a useful product that could begin to draw in consumers and make profits now ? Do you ?…/

What do you think ? Is Tesla focused on shareholder value or something else ?

More on Tesla and build to order supply chain ideas here…/

As always a very interesting “case study” to watch !

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