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DCRA Total Order Fulfillment Solutions for the Outsourced Supply Chain

DCRA developed these world class software solutions hand in joint development, hand in hand with major clients solving large scale business challenges. These are not theoretical information technology approaches but a carefully crafted, PATENTED as of 2/2010, set of solutions that rapicly compliment ANY ecosystem of demand and supply chain execution / ERP / supplier information technology. Our solutions SAVE TIME, work bottom up (save your team valuable time) and top down (provide rapid and large financial returns). We guaruntee your operation will almost immediately be able to focus on reducing working capital, increasing margins, customer specific demands immediately not months and years after some large complex IT implementation. The DCRA Inc. patented software uses state of the art SOA compliant distributed software technologies, leverages your Microsoft Office user interface for rapid adoption so your planners and all business participants do not need to spend time learning some new proprietary user interface. Most importantly these solutions work loosely coupled allowing planners and all participants to work offline but then check in with insight, plans, updates, supplier feedback etc. and the coordinate continuosly. DCRA Inc. was the FIRST firm to release commercial S&OP software in early 2002. Our solutions are real enablers to enable, educate and enable a true S&OP process not the same old approach with a new S&OP lable pasted over the top of some ERP module or black both algorithm magic algorithm that claims to be smarter then your people . Scroll down or click on the links to the left for details on the patented DCRA Sales and Operations Planning Suite of SOA component based solutions.

It is now possible to purchase the patented DCRA Inc. S&OP and supporting component web solutions on-line. Current pricing is for a complete license of the solution suite. However, the on-line discount pricing restricts users to 5 named users for the core S&OP planing and analysis. Note: The technology is 100% the same as the software running hundreds of named users – the only differance is the license and price. Note: if you need more named users that can be added at anytime or call and we can give you the scaled pricing.

Please call us to create a custom configuration of the technology.  From free access to accredited higher education supply chain S&OP curriculum to multi-site global decentralized planning with a central check in check out blockchain enabled respository .  We can be reached at 214 352 0868 with any questions or drop an email to info@dcrasolutions.com

Please review the DCRA software solutions below. If you choose to purchase the solution will be shipped to you via CD and a time arranged for our technical support staff to assist you with installation.  Or enabled for you on a monthly fee through our hosted decentralized cloud service offering.   These are solutions that incorporate much of the standard technology you like use (Exel spreadsheets, relational databases and decision support OLAP and SQL reporting tools). The server component of the solutions can work with most J2EE servers and we would suggest a dedicated server although the entire suite including servers could be installed on a mid range laptop and plug in to you systems and work very effectively.

Some of the optional solutions are not available for web purchase and are options solutions for the core DCRA Sales and Operations Planning solutions. These optional components require understanding of your IT architecture and web services environment

DCRA, through its Total Order Fulfillment™ methodology, has worked with numerous clients to jointly develop a unique set of demand supply balancing S&OP solutions. These solutions are not targeted at functional excellence but to assist our clients driving a rapid financial gain and operational competitive advantage. The DCRA Total Order Fulfillment Software solutions really excel when portions of your fulfillment rely on key partners to build, transport, design and source portions of your customer commitment. We are experts in building processes to enable and outsourced supply chain and over the past decade nearly all products are built using capabilities outside the companies financial control. Managing these processes you don’t do requires a different approach to process and software. To quote one of our wise clients “It is much more difficult to manage those things you don’t do vs. those you do“… When relying on far off suppliers to make and sources you cannot tell them how to execute you can only measure the ability to meet objectives and cannot discover problems by “walking around”. The challenges or supply imbalances left unnoticed can literally destroy a companies profitability.


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