S&OP Book Managing Business Relationships for Profit is a new concept in awareness to full competitive advantage using the philosophy and capabilities of Sales and Operations Planning.   Our primary goal is to raise awareness of value to all constituents in a business in a path towards S&OP.

Founder and owner of DCRA Inc. selected as top 100 “Pros to Know” 2017 and  2014 by Supply and Demand Journal.  

Think of the capabilities of as the took kit that business of all sizes can use to scale their Alibaba (BABA) global outsourced manufacturing / distribution capability.  So you found a supplier but now need to manage demand vs. supply past buying the first container of product.  Look no further whether you are 2 guys and a small business or a major outsourced production fueled product(s) from a firm like Apple, dosage or Coach or Boeing.

SOPbook and DCRA Inc. provides a complete scalable solution from building awarness and education to pilot the time phased forward looking financial operational S&OP to true deep and wide scale for competitive advantage of our patented real-time S&OP / Order Commitment solutions.

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You will find the content through this site to be in strict contrast to selling you software or a book that supposedly solves your issues. We at DCRA have deep experience in supply chain / management consulting / business turnaround projects and our goal is a to provide a practical capability to build awareness, malady education, simple and easy to use tools to enable S&OP analytics   We also provide turnkey SOLUTIONS providing enhanced shareholder value, job creation and revenue / profit enahncement through afull life S&OP based solution we call Total Order Fulfillment TM. We can assist you with self help tools, over the wire and remote assistance of on the ground project management.  We also will share with you partners in S&OP we have found to help accelerate and improve an S&OP deployment.

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Bottom line ALL of our clients have significantly improved their ability to predictably and reliably produce profits and reduce use of valuable working capital by synchronizing their demand and supply capabilities across the globe

Our experience from hundreds of on the ground supply chain engagement  and over 50 strictly focused on S&OP since our founding of DCRA In 2001 is the real challenge is 90% plus of key industry leaders  / business owners still think there outdated single instance ERP tools and historical GAAP accounting are doing the job of measuring and managing their manufacturing and / or distribution business.

So this leads is to phenomenal that the top 5% of firms by almost all industry classification codes (SIC codes)  have figured out that  this global supply chain S&OP philosophy is a huge competitive advantage. Ironically it is easier and more effective for small to medium firms to deploy S&OP yet they don’t ACT ? This site is dedicated to building the awareness, education and tools to ACT and ACT now !

This site(s) are dedicated to spreading this capability at a very reasonable cost to firms of all sizes and the benefits of more profits, happier customers, employees… more employment. We also provide unique capabilities to the industry captains looking for the next wave of how they extend their leadership in using S&OP concepts to drive competitive advantage (see our real time S&OP capabilities Order Commitment on the last menu)

We are not “selling” software but providing a REAL S&OP solutions.   It can involved very unique and powerful patented software and / or alot of benefits can be achieved just adopting the S&OP approach using your existing tools. Our goal to raise awarenessm  educate, consult when necessary but mostly to solve problems quickly and effectively for you.

We want to produce value fast, many times in excess of any of our fees and only want to do business with you if you are receiving VALUE. No software shinanigans hyping S&OP or “Executive” S&OP or “IBP” to confuse. We provide patented S&OP software either via SaaS Cloud, on you  server, even on your laptop but we are not about selling software but using key elements of software to make the S&OP process practical and reliable.

We offer access to the solutions and software with source code if desired so your very strategic S&OP process is not left hostage to a software companies enhancement que. Our philosophy – plain and simple – is S&OP is so critical, so key to business competitive and differentiation at the minium a firm should have the opportunity to license the source code for unique modiciations and at least even if a cloud is suitable to run the code should have the ability to bring a server in behind the firewall for long term security and peace of mind.

Our experience has taught us that most firms do perform a form of S&OP today but the current “solutions”  capabilities are so constrained that it is now a competive handicap.

That it is hey do not plan often enough, it is not complete so then departments and other constituents “override” the plan which leaves to dysfunction, to much inventory, poor customer fulfillment and difficulty in managing through dynamic markets.

Call us or email for a private consultation 214 352 0868 / or feel free to visit this site(s) as often as you wish to build your awareness and arm your team to make real changes that make a real difference in your business performance.

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