www.DCRASolutions.com is the home of DCRA Inc. founded to provide competive advantaged SOLUTIONS to business of all types through S&OP philosophies and unique patented technologies.   As mentioned on our home page we do provide key patented software but do not consider ourselves a software company but rather a SOLUTIONS company that uses software and alot more to generage the awarness, view support, operating capabilities to create competitive advantage through supply chain S&OP concepts.

This is where you go to read about, download white papers, see the solutions in action that have helped dozens of our reference only clients like Siemens enable globaly manufacturing turnarounds in profitability and customer satisfaction.

See detail on the DCRA S&OP software solutions and supporting supply chain execution data coordination solutions


We now bring these capabilities to the process of education and awareness, small and medium sized business but yet with an architecture and approach that will scale to run the largest enterprises in the world

Example screen shot of DCRA S&OP and real-time S&OP / Order Commitment

Contact us for a FREE best in class S&OP solution architecture guide.   We can share a document we use with our clients to describe the elements of process and IT support that we have found to be fast and effective as well as extremely low cost to support S&OP this document also contrasts our approach to the IT software only approach that is recently pounding the market.    I think you can see how S&OP can be inexpensive, fast, can embrace what you do today but make your organization faster and smarter without giving up "the keys to the kingdom"  to a quick hit software firm telling you its all "in the cloud" and "we do it better the you in our  offshore software development org".

Note: with the March 2012 announcement of SAP's HANA technology using and embracing spreadsheets... our perspective is ..it is about time.   DCRA Inc. pioneered and deployed this solution into SAP's largest client, driving arguably Siemens best ever supply chain turnaround.   When efforts were made by Siemens execs to scale within Siemens SAP and Siemens SAP leaders blocked every attempt with "we will build".... Now on their 3rd attempt to produce a S&OP solution... and from what we can tell SAP now embracing the IT and solution architecture DCRA Inc. pioneered and filed for patents in 2003 and received in 2010.  So maybe worth a look 🙂  Call us, download the app, download the white paper on S&OP distributed architecture ... you will be pleased.    What is different about our approach and culture is we believe S&OP is so strategic we believe YOU the client need access to the key IP in a way you will not be "in line" to some requirements funnel feeding 1000's of companies... but control in your hands.  Call us and we will give you the details along with a working example

DCRA Inc. and our partners can provide you a cloud with a dedicated S&OP server but specific to your org and in a way you can move back behind your firewall in minutes - without unwinding entanglement with dozens of conflicting client commitments.   When you really learn the power of S&OP you will want control of your algorithms, allocations to suppliers and will want to make sure all these rules etc. are locked down and confidential.

You can reach us at info@dcrasolutions.com or fill in the contact us form at the bottom of this page.  We will send to you and / or setup a phone discussion to discuss at your request..

Purchase a sample DCRA deployment job guide / user manual.   We customize these guides for every clients workflow in an actual deployment.  However, this sample S&OP manual will give you a concrete idea of HOW to deploy S&OP from the goals, to process, to data manipulation and various roles in analysis.  The job guide is available in hard copy form

Price for sample job guide in hardcopy form $110


All the DCRA Software solutions are available as software, an appliance as hosted "cloud" solution.  Please contact us for more information.   We have made the entire S&OP solution in a standalone solution you can run on your laptop / computer available for less then $1500.    A signed license agreement is required and code will be tagged with your license agreement.   Select Buy now and leave your contact information and solution will be delivered with sample job guide within 1 week

Purchase DCRA Standalone complete S&OP solution for one licensed computer $1500




Dynamic Cycle-time Reduction Associates (DCRA Inc.) was founded to assist clients in achieving competitive advantage through supply chain excellence. DCRA achieves rapid results through dramatically reducing wasted buffers of inventory and un-utilized capacity between manufacturers and their suppliers, distributors, customers, outsourcing logistics and manufacturing partners. DCRA also believes most supply chain technologies are best used as enabling tools in a larger value based supply chain  program – not as “black box” answers. Derived from this experience, DCRA developed proprietary solutions for netting demand and supply through S&OP processes, supply chain execution repositories, planning coordination repositories and real time Google like S&OP Order Commitment solutions. In February 2010 Patents were issues covering all of our unique solutions.

The DCRA Inc. approach enables your people to continue to apply their unique demand and supply insights much more rapickly with a scientific demand and supply netting process and tools that save enormous amounts of time. Thus either individually or as an executive team your operation can plan better, faster and even use planning algorithms in real time to respond to unplanned events. These solutions were built in conjunction with major clients in numerous industires and are so unique and value add they are patented.

Call us we can explain the differance, show you how they work and even provide you and your team a free diagnostic of the competitive advantage and value to your operation.

Visit www.DCRASolutions.com for more information about DCRA Inc's unique approach to S&OP and patented solutions.

Please fill in the following contact form if you would like to learn more about the patented DCRA Inc. S&OP and supporting supply chain execution and collaboration technology can assist your firm

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