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When you work with the economics and human factors of improving business through supply chain excellent you learn that NOTHING succeeds unless it is top down and bottom up useful and profitable.

After decades of solving these solutions we believe strongly in S&OP as a philosophy in running and measuring a business.  We also believe in using this capability to fulfill orders often incremental orders

We have patented our S&OP solutions and a real-time S&OP solution we call Order Commitment.    This capability allows for real time sycnchronization of the informaton of orders, inventory, transportation and production schedules to find and minimize cycle time to complete profitable orers

Using the Order Commitment enablers you can virtually link or fulfillment your virtual business or just find a way to reduce fixed costs and dramatically lower cycle time to commit the next profitable order.

This capability was created to server the “person” or group of people EVERY organization turns to when there are more orders or request for more inventory then is currently available.   It is this person or group that must dig into multiple systems, providers, allocation deallocations, product substitutions in-transit inventory, close window production windows and then predict a time period and order commitment.   This real time S&OP Order Commitment is built to SAVE time, increase accuracy and provide N number of real-time links to any and all sources of information in REAL-TIME.

Call us for a demonstration and discussion of how to deploy for competitive advantage in your organization

We provide

  1. Visioning for how this enables your business
  2. Demonstration live in your business with your partners
  3. License to proprietary patents for S&OP and real-time S&OP
  4. Deployment to your quick wins
  5. Strategic product and profits strategies

Visit for a real-time blog on S&OP like no other. Real-time trial and tribulations of realizing the value of S&OP and then finding a method to get it approved, capsule deployed and used to success.

Dynamic Cycle-time Reduction Associates (DCRA Inc.) was founded to assist clients in achieving competitive advantage through supply chain excellence. DCRA achieves rapid results through dramatically reducing wasted buffers of inventory and un-utilized capacity between manufacturers and their suppliers, cialis 40mg distributors, customers, outsourcing logistics and manufacturing partners. DCRA also believes most supply chain technologies are best used as enabling tools in a larger value based supply chain  program – not as “black box” answers. Derived from this experience, DCRA developed proprietary solutions for netting demand and supply through S&OP processes, supply chain execution repositories, planning coordination repositories and real time Google like S&OP Order Commitment solutions. In February 2010 Patents were issues covering all of our unique solutions.

The DCRA Inc. approach enables your people to continue to apply their unique demand and supply insights much more rapidly with a scientific demand and supply netting process and tools that save enormous amounts of time. Thus either individually or as an executive team your operation can plan better, faster and even use planning algorithms in real time to respond to unplanned events. These solutions were built in conjunction with major clients in numerous industries and are so unique and value add they are patented.

Call us we can explain the difference, show you how they work and even provide you and your team a free diagnostic of the competitive advantage and value to your operation.

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