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DLSV Platform

Dynamic Logistics Synchronization and Visibility (DLSV) Platform

DCRA’s Dynamic Logistics Synchronization and Visibility (DLSV) platform provides the vital foundation for multi-enterprise Supply Chain solutions. The patented DLSV platform brings together business processes while hiding the complex nature of integration between heterogeneous systems, technology, and manual research thus enabling a supply chain business processes to seamlessly work across domains of control. This platform, with patents pending, utilizes the same highly tested and robust technology deployed within other ‘networked’ industries like banking and aviation where real-time information is critical but no one entity in the chain holds all the relevant data.

Inventory Commitment Solution

The patented Inventory Commitment solutions form DCRA provides real-time integration of your EPC code identifier in your RFID tags with yourentire supply chain messaging systems. For example the DCRA solutions can relate the EPC code in real-time to freight tracking bill of lading or to WMS item catalogs or to the real-time Order Commitment or S&OP solutions from DCRA or others.

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