DCRA Inc. was founded in late 2001 / early 2002 when a client of Mr. Kirkegaard asked him to start a new firm to help turn around a division of Siemens with a seriously handicapped supply chain and business model.   Mr. Kirkegaard with a willing client was able to re-align, outsource all logistics and contract manufacturing, short lead times and build and deploy a comprehensive outsourced supply chain Sales and Operations Planning solution.

The S&OP solution developed by DCRA was very different it used Excel as a decentralized working UI / working application while checking in and out all data and plans to a cloud based centralized storage of all execution and planning data

During the Siemens project DCRA also developed and patented a real time version of S&OP we titled Order Commitment.  This solution is the original S&OE (Sales and Operations Execution) solution and is different as it read any decentralized data for inventory, orders, in transits and YES production from any production scheduling S&OP system.   Is the right way and only way to do it as does not require copying data to a 3rd location where it is stale and give wrong signal

In the 2005 to 2009 era DCRA Inc. helped dozens of client teaching them S&OP and using our S&OP technology to accelerate understanding and building flexible, agile, resilient global supply chains.    DCRA was key driver of philanthropic programs with State of Texas Governors office and US Department of Commerce in engineering supply chains to promote US economic growth and jobs.

Over next decade DCRA Inc. has continued to assist client globally but also has grown 2 automotive supply chain business using the DCRA Total Order Fulfillment S&OP business philosophy to grow make to order, lean manufacturing business

Since mid 2015 DCRA Inc. has been scaling the decentralized S&OP and S&OE technologies using varous scalable Blockchain and other secured network technologies.

These new integration and decentralized network technologies have led to a new service M8kit.net and consolidation of our unique patented DCRA software solutions and patents into a technology entity DCRA Technologies (SOPBook.com)

We are now well positioned to provide the missing links all companies need to create global, agile, responsive, resilient supply chain S&OP across hetterogeneous networks of companies, suppliers, manufacturing and distribution networks.   Out solutions can let any and all planning system interoperate and decentralized planning logic closer to customer and the edges of your operating network.

Contact us at info@dcrasolutions.com or call 214 352 0868 for a fee consultation how DCRA and our technologies and provide the missing link you have been searching for to synchronized and harmonize  your S&OP / supply chain network

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