for a free knowledgebase on S&OP and global business competitiveness   This knowledgebase was created and populated to raise awareness and educate US business on the competitive advantage possible using S&OP principles in the structure, abortion strategy and operation of your business.   This is not a BLOG but a unique structured knowledgebase organized by roles, and functions and the trademarked Total Order Fulfillment Methdology from DCRA Inc.

This site was originally created to support an effort the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Governor’s Industry Cluster Advanced Manufacturing efforts ask us to head philanthropically.   The concept was to use supply chain / S&OP concepts to improve Texas employment by improving business global competitiveness and became quite a hit within several government agencies.  Unfortunately, their idea of success was to use concept to write grant proposals to obtain $ and then divert to their pet projects.    Our concept was to use this knowledgebase as a start to provide all manufacturers and distributors education and tools to become more globally competitive at a very low cost.   As you can imagine government officials only interested in big multi-million $ grants and programs…. we we parted ways and have supported knowledgebase on our own as we believe in the concept.   We wish government types would show leadership in thought as S&OP a great example of leadership in engineering and thought that does not necessarily require big $ to create jobs and value ?

Although not optimized due to limited funding we feel it can effectively be used by any level of leadership or staff to support the arguments for an intelligent approach to running a business.

For example the CFO comes in to VP of manufacturing or Engineering that all product will be made in China.  This knowledgebase provides hundreds of case studies, metrics, methods organized by role to show that often total cost increases building products in Asia or there are ways to create posponeed mfgr in North America while using key components from Asia.

Another example would be how to struture your supply chain to protect valuable IP (Intellectual Capital)

Check it out.. lets us know what you think


It is DCRA Inc.’s experience that 90 + % of most US business don’t quite know what they don’t know about S&OP.  In general realizing that the past selection of ERP systems,  inventory models, consulants parading through with new strategies and most of all the GAAP accounting straight jacket most firms use for measurement leaves them vulnerable to competitors.

These competitors realize how to get back to first principals and measure customer service balanced against working capital commitments that generate maximum cashflow.

This knowledgebase is committed to providing discovery and insight through articles, case studies, access to supply chain models that help discover there is a “better way” and that way is quite accessible with education and some enablers.

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