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DCRA’s founders have never met a client looking to buy “software” or purchase “consulting”. What we have discovered over and over are client;s looking for solutions.

Recently owner and founder of DCRA Inc. Jon Kirkegaard was selected by Supply and Demand Chain Journal as one of the top 100 supply chain solution “Pros to Know” for our 10 year commit to delivering high value S&OP solutions.

Lets face it, abortion all solutions require enablers (a bit of software) and there is absolutely no “turn key” software product that fixes your broken planning and poor use of working capital and customer service balance of demand and supply.

However, buy more about DCRA is there to help with simple and easy software enablers to take work and time out of the equation and a world class battle tested methodology we call Total Order Fulfillment.

You might have gotten a taste of TOF in our blog section and Discovery Knoweldgebase but here it is … For CEO’s and junior analysts… IT works. It bridges roles into a battle plan to make business profitable and competitive.

See the Total Order Fulfillment Methodology approach at the and / or the Knowledgebase is organized around the TOF approach.

The elevator pitch on TOF is how it is a fantastic approach to get the money guys / senior guys engaged in how many $ are lost through poor supply chain.   Once a potential value prop is established based on how good your firm can be we then create a release plan of capabilities that are feasible against your organizations capabilities and culture.

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